What is your idea of adventure and how can you take it up a notch?

Adventure is subjective.

To us, at the Adventure Lifestyle show we define adventure as an experience that puts you out of your comfort zone, activities that push your limits, break your boundaries and broaden your horizons.

We know what comes to mind; ziplining through the Drakensberg on a canopy tour, Bungee jumping off of Bloukrans Bridge or even scaling the sides of Table Mountain with nothing but your pulleys, carabiners, harnesses, and hand brakes.

What we don’t often consider is that someone’s ‘sense of adventure’ could be on the total opposite end of the spectrum to yours. You may enjoy the adrenaline rush of being pushed out of a plane at 12 000 feet and your #BFF may get their thrills out of buying their dog a Christmas sweater for the festive season while they’re still on sale.

It’s important to know where you stand on the spectrum so you can explore your adventurous side within boundaries you’re comfortable with and thereafter, develop them.

Why would you want to develop your adventurous side?

Before we give you ways to step out of your comfort zone, you need to understand why you’re wanting to do so. Here’s why you should look into trying new things according to Huffington Post:

  1. To overcome fear
  2. You’ll get to know yourself better by exploring your likes and dislikes
  3. Stimulate creativity by putting yourself in new situations
  4. You make yourself more marketable from a personal branding perspective by improving your skills, worldview and knowledge.

So, where do you fit in on the ‘adventure spectrum’?

The Netflix and chill adventureradventure

If you’re a ‘Netflix and chill’ adventurer, your spare time is probably packed with binge-watching series alongside your SO, ordering from your favourite local takeout place and ensuring you’re equipped with enough popcorn and snacks to keep you going while you wait for your UberEats to arrive.

Developing your adventurous side:

  1. Watch a series in a totally different genre than usual
  2. Binge watch in a new location – whether that means setting up fairy lights in your courtyard or moving from your bedroom to your living room, it’s a start!
  3. Try a different take-out place or better yet – order and collect!
  4. Swap Netflix and chill for 30 Seconds and vino.

These small changes won’t give you the adrenalin rush you’re looking for but they’ll start opening you up to try new things!

The social adventureradventure

If you’re this adventurer, you’re ‘that friend’ we all envy – staying up to date with all the latest there is to do in the city to the point where you could be TripAdvisor’s next guest blogger.  You’ve graduated from flipping through your Netflix top suggestions to seeking out the newest nightlife, fine dining and day-time activities to experience with friends – these are the activities that unleash your adventurous side.

Developing your adventurous side:

  1. As a social butterfly, you’re more than likely a people-pleaser and the socialite of the group. What would happen if you explored a new place/cuisine/area solo?
  2. Add a double-barrel to your city escapades – so instead of just exploring the latest nightlife in an area, make an afternoon out of it and visit the local watering hole
  3. Hang out with new people
  4. Be the first in your group to suggest a Saturday adrenalin rush – swap out sangria jugs and finger foods for Soweto tower bungee jumping and a city bike tour.

The outdoor adventureradventure

You knew this was coming. This is typically what we all think of when there is any mention of the word ‘adventure’. If you’re an outdoor adventurer, you’ve probably racked up most of your Discovery Vitality points doing park runs and you’re one of the few people who know about the best camping, hiking and trail running spots in South Africa. You might even have ‘Climb Kilimanjaro’ on your bucket list.

So where do you go from there to keep chasing your elevated sense of adventure?

Developing your adventurous side

  1. Try something different. As much as this is a cliche, it definitely applies. If your family holidays consist of camping and rock climbing, why not try river rafting and paragliding?
  2. Join a group of outdoor adventure thrill seekers to share your experiences with
  3. Go out of your native or local region and entrench yourself with the outdoor activities of locals
  4. Start a blog! You might find that sitting by yourself in a quiet space and documenting your experiences is an entirely new activity you haven’t yet explored.

The Adventure Lifestyle Show Adventureradventure

The Adventure Lifestyle Show Adventurer loves to explore and experience in as many different ways as possible. Our show is a first of its kind, it’s a show where we combine the Outdoor, Travel and Destinations Show concept with Adventure Sports, Destinations and Activities. We want to create a new and exciting, interactive platform in the show industry and we want to offer a day filled with experiences and activities.

Our aim is to offer diversity within the following elements that will bring the show together:

  • Adventure Sports and Activities
  • Travel and Adventure Destinations
  • Outdoor Gadgets and Gear
  • Active and Healthy Lifestyle Products

Stimulate your body, mind and soul and go on adventures either by yourself or with friends or with family but most importantly LIVE your Life. Chase and experience your dreams – make them a reality!

Whether you’re a ‘Netflix and Chill’, ‘Social’ or ‘Outdoor adventurer’, as long as you’re experiencing life to the fullest in pursuit of your next great adventure, we’re happy to have you on board.

So, now what does adventure mean to you and what sort of adventurer would you consider yourself to be? We hope you enjoy developing your adventurous side!

To explore what it’s like to be an Adventure Lifestyle Show adventurer, come through to our show. 5-7 April, Meerendal Wine Estate. Find out more here

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