Hanri Ehlers is a founding member of Kanabo Conservation Link, a non-profit organisation that is currently in the forefront of conserving vultures in southern Africa who happened to establish the first official Vulture Restaurant in Botswana. This project, among others explores the role of human-wildlife conflict, conservation policy and identifies possible innovative solutions by utilizing technology and availing free wildlife education to especially schools from local communities.

The CL Woolcott Vulture Restaurant officially started operating on 5 September 2015. Vultures play an important role in the functioning of our environment and it is our responsibility to protect them. One of the ways to protect vultures is to feed them fresh, poison-free and lead-free meat from carcasses at a Vulture Restaurant. The purpose of the restaurant is to serve as and education hub for schools and local communities and it will afford the general public the opportunity to get up close and personal with vultures and other raptor species. The restaurant commemorates a dear friend, co-founder and nature lover, Chris Woolcott who tragically passed away in a motor vehicle accident in November 2014.

This project is a joint project initiated by Kanabo Conservation Link, Kalahari Research & Conservation Group and Raptors Botswana.

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Email hanri@kclink.co.za or glynkrc@gmail.com for more information

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